Which ipl team has most fans In 2023:Brand value,Followers

IPL one of the most popular game all over the world and specially in india. IPL is an cricket league platform for talented  people to show their talent IPL is the game changing  platform for many cricketer like Ravindra jadeja, Rinku singh, Tilak varma, Ruturaj Gaikwad, hardik pandya, Surya kumar yadav, Jasprit Bumrah etc. in ipl there are 10 team played in 2023 but there are some team has huge fan base for their performance Let’s see which ipl team has most fans .While taking about which ipl team has most fans these are top 3 fan base cricket team in IPL from 2008 to now.

which ipl team has most fans

Which ipl team has most fans:

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Note: Social media continues to change the number of followers

Chennai super kings fan base

With a huge fan base, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is the most well-liked IPL team of all time.CSK still maintains the most supporters of any team, despite serving a two-year IPL suspension. With five IPL champion, CSK has the greatest victory percentage (58.98%) of any team. More often than any other team, they have also advanced to the semifinals 12 times and reached the final ten times.
The brand value of CSK is currently $1.15 billion and is constantly rising.They have a 102 crore sponsorship agreement with TVS Eurogrip. MS Dhoni is mostly responsible for CSK’s enormous fan base. He led the group as captain from 2008 until 2023.

which ipl team has most fans

Mumbai Indians fan base

One of the most successful IPL team is Mumbai Indians, who have won the trophy five times (in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020). Additionally, they have the second-largest IPL fan base. They have regularly performed well throughout the years, making the finals six times and taking home five titles. The second-most of any IPL team, they have qualified for the playoff  10 times. The brand value of the Mumbai Indians is increasing every day. Its $1.25 billion valuation in 2023 was the highest of any IPL club. Their steady IPL success and social media participation have helped to grow their fan base. They are renowned for having outstanding players like Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rohit Sharma.

Mumbai Indians have 13.5 million Instagram followers, 8.2 million Twitter followers, 11 million Facebook fans, and 3 million YouTube subscribers as of june 30, 2023. They now have 35.7 million followers overall, which is the second-highest number of any IPL club.

which ipl team has most fans

Royal challenger Bangalore fan base

Despite never having won the IPL trophy, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is one of the most well-liked teams in the league. Thanks to their star-studded squad, which has featured Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, and Chris Gayle, they have a devoted fan following of over 29 million people. Seven times, RCB has made the playoffs, but they have never prevailed. But even when they lose, their supporters stay behind the squad and stay loyal. Fans of RCB are well-known for their fervor and creativity. They come up with all kinds of inventive thoughts, from wearing group uniforms to making complex chants, to illustrate their backs for the gathering.

They are also very vocal in their support, and they are not afraid to let the other teams know that they are there. RCB’s fans are a big part of what makes the team so special. They are the ones who create the atmosphere at the stadium, and they are the ones who keep the team going, even when things are tough. RCB is lucky to have such passionate fans, and they will continue to support the team, no matter what if win or lose.

which ipl team has most fans


Each team has its own fan base but discussing about which IPL team has the largest fan base These are the top 3 most fan base IPL teams . Fans love their favorite team so much. specially CSK and RCB is popular for ms dhoni and virat kohli.

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Q. Which ipl team has most fans in india ?

ANS: The most well-known IPL team in india is Chennai Super kings (CSK), who have more than 40 million social media followers. A number support CSK’s fame, including the team’s achievement, and for well-known captain MS Dhoni, and its loyal following in India as well as worldwide.

Q. Which team has the most fan in Instagram ?

ANS: CSK is the most fans in instagram by any other team with over 13.5 million fans .

Q. Which ipl team has most fans in 2019 ?

ANS: IPL team with the most supporters in 2019 is Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians’ increased fan base in 2019 was mostly caused by their social media involvement and reliable play.Mumbai Indians had the most IPL fans overall in 2019 with a total of 23 million.

Q.Which ipl team has most haters ?

ANS: Royal Challengers bangalore IPL team has most haters then any other IPL teams. Reason they never win a IPL trophy and consistent poor performance thats the reason they have most hated IPL team.

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