You may have heard about the IP address and used it on your network. But you must have questioned yourself, who is the owner of my IP address, and how is it assigned? Then you need to take a look at IP WHOIS.

In this article, we will learn about the IP address and type, in case you forgot. Moreover, we will also master the usage of the IP WHOIS Lookup tool to find unknown details about your IP address. So let’s get started.


The IP is a network address that stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a set of characters that can identify the location of a device on the network. It is a linking system between all the devices on a network. Its central purpose is to transfer data from one device to another over the internet. Moreover, it also identifies the network interface of devices.

Every device on the network has a different IP address. It may contain numbers, alphabets, decimals, and colon. For example, 2001 : db8: 3333: 4444 : 5555: 6666 : 7777: 8888. However, there are different types of IP addresses used in the modern era.


There are four prominent types of IP addresses in this technological advancement era. These types are dynamic, static, private, and public IPs.

What Is Static IP?

A static IP is an IP that can not be changed. It is assigned to the device by the network administrator. It is assigned manually and permanently. The setup of static IP is also very tough. It is very costly. But it is not secure like the dynamic IP address. Therefore, it is a less popular type of IP address. Mails, VPNs, and FTPs mainly use this type of IP address.

What Is Dynamic IP?

A dynamic IP is the most popular type of IP address. It is totally the opposite of the static IP. It is temporarily assigned to the device. Moreover, it can be assigned and changed by the local DHCP as well. In most cases, it is automatically assigned after a device connects to a network. The dynamic IP of a device changes as it reconnects to the network. This makes the dynamic IP more secure and reliable. Furthermore, the process of assigning dynamic IP is also more effortless. The large-scale local networks mainly use the dynamic IP type.

What Is Private IP?

As the name suggests, a Private IP Address is a type of IP address in which the IP address is hidden. This IP address is only visible to the user. So anyone on the internet can not access your IP address. The devices with a private IP address have a unique IP address only on a specific network. Other than that, you do not need to pay any extra costs for private IPs.

What Is Public IP?

It is the opposite of a Private IP address. The public IP address can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Unlike private IP addresses, it is totally unique around the globe. It covers a wide range over the internet. People on the internet searching the query check my IP gets their public IP address assigned by their ISP. Moreover, it also has some extra costs to get public IP. However, it is not secure for users.


IP WHOIS is a protocol that allows users to access the information available related to their IPs and Internet Service Providers. It mainly accesses the database where all the information about the network is stored. Moreover, it also tells you about the IP owner, complaint contact, IP block, autonomous, and relevant information. The Operating Systems used by IP WHOIS are Unix, Unix-like, and ReactOS. You can use the IP WHOIS Lookup tool to find the IP address.

All the internet information is assigned to the regional internet registries (RIRs). Every part of the world has a different RIR. The primary RIRs are African Network Information Centre, American Registry for Internet Numbers, Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre, and Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre.


You can use the IP WHOIS Lookup tool to find the IP owner and other IP-related information. Tens of IP WHOIS Lookup tools are available on the internet. You have to find a free one that provides you best results and is completely secure. The process of the IP WHOIS Lookup tool is very effortless. You just have to follow these simple steps to get information about your IP.

  • Open a web page of a suitable IP WHOIS Lookup tool like that link https://iplocation.io/ip-whois-lookup on your browser.
  • Find your IP address and confirm if it is IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Then enter that valid IP address.
  • Click on the proceeding button and wait for the results.


Hopefully, this article helped you know more about IP address types and IP WHOIS. The major purpose of this article was to understand the usage of the IP WHOIS LOOKUP tool so that you can find your IP Owner and other information about your IP and RIRs.

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