Hugh Edmeades | Know More About the IPL Auctioneer

What makes the Indian Premier League a unique tournament? Apart from millions of cricket fans engaging in IPL betting, It is the auction process. If you look at the other T20 franchise leagues, like the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the Big Bash League (BBL), both have adopted player drafts. What also makes the IPL auction interesting is its auctioneer – Hugh Edmeades. Like every year, the BCCI has hired Edmeades as the auctioneer for the upcoming auction, which will take place in Dubai on December 19.ผลมวยสด

Who is Hugh Edmeades?

A resident of the United Kingdom, Edmeads has conducted more than 2500 auctions all across the world. The 62-year-old was named the IPL auctioneer by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), and he started to conduct proceedings from the 2018 edition onwards, taking over from Richard Madley. Four years later, a mini collapse during a live auction event would increase his popularity even more.

Hugh Edmeades & Auctions

A look at his website confirms that Edmeades has seen a lot of “action,” and here are a few things that he has successfully auctioned:

Exquisite Paintings
Fine Furniture
Chinese Ceramics
Fine Arts

During his auctioneering career, he raised a whopping $7,438,624 from 88 guitars belonging to Eric Clapton. Other include Audrey Hepburn’s ‘little black dress’ from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which sold in 2006 for £467,000, and Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin DB10 from James Bond’s “Spectre,” which went for £2,434,500 in 2016.

Special Gavel for IPL Auctions

Being a special kind of event, Edmeades has a special gavel for the IPL Auctions. Knowing the magnanimity and uniqueness of the auctions, he uses this special gavel. However, he confesses he has a hardwood gavel for the “usual” stuff.

When traveling to Kochi from London for the 2023 auction of the IPL, he was not allowed to take the special gavel in his check-in luggage. After a long layover in Dubai, he first checked the special item when he landed in Kochi.

Mini Collapse in IPL 2022 Auction

Edmeades was conducting the IPL 2022  auction when he fell flat on his face. It sent shock waves across the present dignitaries and the public watching the live streaming. The BCCI medical team quickly attended to Edmeades. It was low blood pressure that led to his sudden collapse. Meanwhile, the BCCI called in Charu Sharma, who continued the auction. Edmeades was back hosting the final session. He returned to the stage and resumed the auctioning amidst the loud claps of franchises and BCCI officials.

Concluding Thoughts

The IPL brought fame and glory to Edmeades. It was here that he became a bigger brand. His website highlights that he has been an auctioneer for IPL, which shows how much value it brings to his resume. In the upcoming auction, the spotlight will be back on him as he goes on to conduct a smooth auction. Some of the wealthiest cricketers will fall under his hammer.

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