8 Must-Try Italian Foods From The Italian Restaurants In Noida

8 Must-Try Italian Foods From The ItalianRestaurants In Noida

Delhi, being India’s food capital, gives all the reasons why it is the hub for the foodies. And, now, even Noida is not left behind as it offers some of the most delightful food cuisines that people would love to try. This blog covers some of the best Italian restaurants in Noida. Scroll below to find out which restaurants and foods you have been missing out on for a long time.

Popular Must-Try Foods In Noida


Italian food and lasagne are a perfect match for one another. Many people thank Italians for bringing lasagne in light because nothing could be a better burst of cheese and authentic flavours than lasagne. To keep up the tradition of this cuisine and the tradition of Lasagne in Noida you must look at the exotic menu of Firangi Bake. Firangi Bake has the best Lasagne menu like Pepperoni Chicken Tikka lasagna, Butter Chicken Lasagna, Chicken Kheema Lasagne, Dilli ke Chole Lasagne, Chicken Overload Lasagna, Meaty Meatball Lasagne, Amritsari Paneer Tikka Lasagne, etc. This Italian restaurant in Noida certainly owns a massive lasagna menu with traditional and desi varieties in it.


Although you will find countless pizza places in the city, some pizza houses replicate Italian cuisine beautifully. If you are looking for the most pizza varieties in the Italian restaurants in Noida, then you must try Mojo Pizza. Their pizza assortments own the best-in-town varieties with more than 30 pizza ranges. Never heard these numbers? Then do have a look at the exotic menu with dishes like Double Cheese Margherita Pizza, Farmer’s Market Pizza, Magic Mushrooms Pizza, Spicy Mexicano Pizza, Italian Garden Pizza, Paneer Makhani Pizza, Chicken Smokey Joe Pizza, and way more. From culinary Indians to culinary Italians, Mojo serves it all.


Pasta and Italy too share a beautiful bond. Surely, everyone loves this connection because wholesome pasta can be a mood-maker. For this, Noida has the perfect restaurant to serve the pasta you like. Here, we are talking about Xero Degrees serving the pasta plate you will be grateful for. Arrabiata Red Sauce Pasta, Barbaresca White Sauce Pasta, Lousiana White Sauce Pasta, Mama Rosa Red Sauce Pasta, Sugo Rosa Mix Or Pink Sauce Pasta, Sugo Rosa Mix Or Pink Sauce Pasta Non-Veg, etc. Try the unique pasta kinds by ordering online and enjoy them to the fullest.

Focaccia Sandwich

This beautiful, juicy, and flavourful bread kind has ensured that your Italian feast can be one of a kind. For this, the Italian restaurants in Noida can serve numerous types of focaccia bread and sandwiches. This time, the topping restaurant is V Cafe – Meals By PVR giving you theatrical exposure at home. This restaurant offers a variety of focaccia sandwiches like Veggie Focaccia Sandwiches, Homemade Chicken Patty Focaccia Sandwich, etc. Try this buttery and scrumptious sandwich at home and learn more deeply about the awesomeness of Italian cuisine.


While Indians are drooling over biryani and pulav as the most delectable rice feast they could ask for, Italians have created their innovation. Since Italians have more fondness for cheese, Risotto is a drooling rice dish drowned in more Cheese. But along, you also get to savour the amazing flavours of the key ingredients like chicken, mutton, veggies, etc. Savour this in the quantity derived by the restaurant and you will not be hungry for more than 24 hours. For this, one of the best Italian restaurants in Noida is The Walk with wholesome varieties of Veg Arborio Risotto Rice, Arborio Risotto Rice Nonveg, Arborio Risotto Rice Veg, etc. Must try!


As the name says in itself, it is triple fun. A fun of everything! Whether you are looking for something too sweet or something too cheese, Italian cuisine can serve people with everything. Considering this, truffle is another such sweet treat that people can explore in Noida. For this, Cheesecake & Co. has to be the place for the truffle feast. If you are that one person who wants to drool in truffles alone, then you can order the truffle jars from here. Or, if you want to celebrate with your loved ones, then there are wholesome truffle cakes like Milk Chocolate Truffle Cake. Even the cheesecake from here is worth a try.


If you are having a bad day, order ravioli at home. You will surely forget all your worries ahead of it. All thanks to the million delectable ways in which ravioli is made. For those looking for Italian restaurants in Noida, The Walk is the place. Here you will get authentic ravioli foods that honour the cuisine. What you find here is Chicken Home Made Ravioli Mushroom and Veg Home Made Ravioli Mushroom. Along with all the extraordinary foods in this restaurant, Ravioli also tops the list.


Bruschetta is the perfect evening snack to kill a little hunger. For this, the restaurant recommended here is Capri Wings serving lip-smacking bruschetta for your Italian feast. Chicken Bruschetta, Fungi Bruschetta, Assorted Veg Bruschetta Platters, Classic Bruschetta, etc. are among some of the must-try foods. Not only this but you will find several bakeries serving the authentic bruschetta range i.e. a must-try. Explore in Noida – you will not be short of options.


These are all the mouth-watering, cheesy and flavourful foods that you should try to savour the Italian feast while being in India. For this, the Italian restaurants in Noida can make this journey all the more easier and delicious for you. The best part, each of these delicacies and the respective restaurants are available straight at Swiggy. So, visit online and order directly from the handpicked restaurants. You will surely fall in love with this cuisine all the more. Moreover, these are not the only restaurants. This is just a drop from the lake. Head online to discover the lake of Italian wholesomeness at Swiggy.

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